Aims and Scope


Journal of Personalized Medicine  is an international, open access journal aimed at bringing all aspects of personalized medicine to one platform. PMJ publishes cutting edge, innovative preclinical and translational scientific research and technologies related to personalized medicine (e.g., precision medicine, pharmacogenomics/proteomics, systems biology, ‘omics association analysis).

For a comprehensive perspective of primary research, commentaries, and reviews related to personalized medicine, also termed precision medicine, PMJ aims to integrate expertise from the molecular and translational sciences, therapeutics and diagnostics, as well as discussions of regulatory, social, ethical and policy aspects. We provide a forum to bring together academic and clinical researchers, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, health professionals, regulatory and ethical experts, and government and regulatory authorities.


Topics of interest with a view towards personalized medicine include (but are not limited to) the following:

·Omics-based studies of disease risk, disease prognosis, and response to therapy
·Biomarker identification and application
·Drug target discovery and integration with individualized therapy
·Pharmacogenomics – genetics and biochemistry of drug uptake, action, and metabolism
·Prediction-based drug safety
·Novel therapeutics: genetic-based, nanotechnology, targeting strategies
·Advancements in Technologies and Resources
oGenetic testing, sequencing technologies, and molecular diagnostics
oExpression analysis, metabolomics, proteomics
oGenome-wide association studies
oBioinformatics and health informatics
·Personalization of omics-based non-drug related health interventions
Regulation and bioethics in personalized medicine