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1 Jarallah German Specialized Clinic

2 Department of Cellular and Molecular, Faculty of Life Sciences, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Tehran, Iran


The increasing literature exploring the role of circulating miR-210 has clarified its potential as a promising biomarker for early detection, diagnosis and prognosis. Measuring circulating miR-210 levels could be a non-invasive method for early cancer detection. Even if, to date, most studies appear to be preliminary it seems that miR-210 will be a good target for drug development. In this study, we had detected the difference of serum miR-210 expression between health and breast cancer patients. total of 15 breast cancer patients were selected for the breast cancer (BC) group and 15 healthy people. The results showed The expression level of miR-210 in the serum of breast cancer patients was significantly higher compared with that in healthy individuals. Patients with breast cancer present increased levels of circulating miR-210; thus, circulating miR-210 may be a potential biomarker of tumor presence and therapeutic response in breast cancer