Personalized Medicine Journal, an international, open access journal, publishes a wide range of scientific research related to the field of personalized medicine; molecular and translational sciences, pharmacogenomics/proteomics, and systems biology, omics association analysis, therapeutics and diagnostics, discussions of regulatory, social, ethical, and policy aspects, etc.

As a diverse journal, PMJ receives original articles, short communications, case reports, as well as expert scientific reviews. The review process of the manuscript normally takes 4-8 weeks.


Topics of interest in the field of personalized medicine include the following:

  •  Personalized Medicine in cancer
  •  Personalized Medicine in genetics
  •  Personalized Medicine in pharmacogenomics
  •  Personalized Medicine in autoimmune diseases
  •  Personalized Medicine in cell therapeutic
  •  Personalized Medicine in bioinformatics
  •  Personalized Medicine in nutrition and fitness
  •  Personalized Medicine in neuroscience
  • and related fields

Article Types

  • Original Articles
  • Short Communications
  • Case Reports
  • Expert Scientific Reviews