Document Type : Review Article


Jarallh German specialized clinic laboratory,Kuwait, Kuwait



A model system for precision medicine has been suggested using tumor organoids. Tumor organoids are unique for cancer research on a patient-by-patient basis because they are able to preserve properties of the original tumor. As a result, it is alluring to consider using tumor organoids to improve patient outcomes during clinical decision-making. Patient outcomes have a good correlation with tumor organoid responses to a variety of medicines in vitro. Before application in clinical cancer care can be considered, however, there are still significant obstacles to be overcome and large cohort prospective trials are desperately needed. Tumor organoids offer a lot of potential in preclinical research due to their unique traits and direct connection to patient data. Here, we have evaluated the most recent developments in the development and use of cancer organoids grown from patients for cancer biology research and customized treatment. We have concentrated on the potential of organoids as a platform for the discovery and creation of innovative targeted therapies for the most intractable malignancy, pancreatobiliary cancer.